This month we welcomed a new member to The Nth Degree Club, The Vino Beano. The Nth Degree Club was founded by Robert Walton MBE  to celebrate fantastic food and drinks and we are delighted to be adding their premium selection of wines to our future dining events. Members can also find an exclusive offer from The Vino Beano in their newsletter weekly newsletter to celebrate the new member.

The Vino Beano | The Nth Degree Club Official Wine Supplier

The Vino Beano is a wine merchant specialising in high quality artisan wines from all over the world and the exclusive merchant in the UK for a number of boutique, independent wine producers. The go-to wine merchant for wine enthusiasts looking to purchase quality, lovingly produced, well-priced and carefully selected wines. The Vino Beano brings these hidden gems to the UK market through their Master of Wine, Robin Kick, who personally selects all their wines with an ever growing selection of more than 150 to choose from.

Grosvenor House Suites Nth Degree Club

Recently included in The Independent’s ‘Top 10 Online Wine Retailers’ list, The Vino Beano is taking on its larger competitors with confidence given their quality of wine.

Talking about wine is their passion, so call The Vino Beano and they’ll make some recommendations on your favourite types of wine. If you want to discover some of their incredible selection, check out their website